In this session you will step into the world of revenue modeling! Tony de Bree will help shape your thoughts on how you can set-up different revenue streams for your company.

About Venture Café's Venture School
This session is part of the "Venture School"-track offered by Venture Café Rotterdam during summer 2020, where participants get to learn about key elements so they are able to build a venture in 9-weeks time. Find out more about this program here and sign up here if you plan to join the entire 9-week Venture School program. When you follow the entire track you may be offered access to mentors and a certificate of participation.
The freely accessible Venture School program starts on Thursday July 2nd and runs every Thursday until August 27th. Also have a look at Venture Café's other summer program offerings here.

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About Tony de Bree
Tony de Bree helps you to survive Corona by focusing on fast-paying customers.
Tony is an experienced management consultant, trainer & coach. He has been working 26 years in global Banking and Finance including successful selecting & building high-tech & impact startups since 1997 and as ‘Dragon’. He started making money online as his ‘plan b’ in 2001 with 12.000 independent business owners worldwide. Since 2011 he is a independent entrepreneur with his own virtual company.

Since the beginning of the Corona crisis, he is focusing on helping as many entrepreneurs as possible to survive this crisis. He is a high-in-demand Dragon, facilitator of online ‘cut the crap’ masterclasses & workshops and bestseller author of how-to books including his last bestseller in Dutch ‘Survival strategy for startups’.



July 16, 2020