How do you get more done with less time and effort?

For over 12 years, Alexander has been optimizing his self-management methods to leverage the power of his mind. As the author of Weg met Stress op Kantoor (Get Rid of Stress at the Office), he shares his super simple Stress-Free Work System.

After the workshop you will implement a few simple changes in the way you organize yourself. Within one day, you will instantly experience a big difference in your focus, creativity and peace of mind. This is the magic of learning the hidden skill of self-management.

To date, over 2400 professionals have benefited from the Stress-Free Work System. They report extraordinary results ranging from accelerated burn-out recovery to insane career growth (receiving promotion after promotion).

In today's unique one-off workshop, Alexander GIVES AWAY the entire system.

Why? Because the world needs you to perform at your best. The world is in turmoil, old systems are breaking down and new leaders are required to build a new earth.

Is that you? Then let's go! It is time to optimize the most powerful tool you carry along in this lifetime: YOUR BEAUTIFUL MIND.

About WIN Mastermind
WIN Mastermind is a membership network especially for purpose-driven entrepreneurs. Members share their knowledge, skills and network so that we all grow our positive impact faster.

Alexander designed this network as the ultimate productivity machine. How do you achieve maximum output with minimum effort? By visualizing what you need, then asking the person who knows how to do it!

With WIN Mastermind, entrepreneurs who work to create a more beautiful world have a support network which is by their side every step along the way.

Want to experience the magic and meet the WIN Mastermind tribe? Register to join a virtual Open Circle session on www.winmastermind.org/selection

September 3, 2020
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