Managing a business is easy; dealing with every problem and challenges that come to you while managing the business is the hard part.

The thing is that most people feel overwhelmed with all their responsibility and the craziness of the corporate world.

But think about it, can you really afford to let your performance be affected by tiredness, chaotic meetings, confusing communications, and being disconnected from your colleagues and staff?

The truth is that unless you can learn to stay calm no matter what life throws at you, everything will affect your performance in life.

Amaranatho developed the Playfulmonk approach which brings the mindset of a Buddhist monk and the creativity of child to help executives, leaders and managers stay calm and connected in complex situations. Do you want to awaken to your true potential then join this workshop.

About PlayfulMonk
If you are dealing with complex situations that impact on your performance that sometimes keep you up at night, affects your relationships then the PlayfulMonk approach will bring you clarity, calm, connection and transformation.

About Venture Café's "Reinvent Yourself"-Track
This track is part of Venture Café's summer program 2020, aimed at discovering your why and rethinking your career options to get prepared for a (post-)corona economy. This track will offer sessions that touch upon:

  • How to survive the crisis;
  • Discover your Why and stay true to yourself;
  • How to find a job during Corona
  • Mastering your mindset
  • During our monthly Talent Nights, every last Thursday of the month, we aim to connect talent to opportunities.

If you are interested to join these sessions you are most welcome! No sign up is needed, unless specified otherwise in the session of your choice.

Sessions are free of charge, since innovation should be accessible for all. Your donation is however much appreciated. This way you keep our platform alive and contribute to the innovation ecosystem directly.

August 13, 2020