Picture yourself on your holiday while you’ve got the best people working for you.

When your headcount grows rapidly, it’s normal that some natural tensions arise.
At the same time, you want to build that innovative culture were A-players want to work, create and innovate. And because we all know that you cannot possibly run a successful scale-up all by yourself! So, what about a leadership program where we can help you to become the best leader your scale-up deserves?

VIE is a full-service HR co-sourcing and consultancy firm based in The Netherlands, working worldwide. As HR partners we take responsibility for HR solutions, in design, development, implementation and long-term execution. We build long-term relationships with our clients. In companies where we agreed on HR co-sourcing, we are management team members and responsible for the day-to-day HR operation on location. Evidence-based HR linked to practical day-to-day bottom line benefits.

October 3, 2019