Around 90% of all Dutch people start their customer journey on Google’s search engine, even if they eventually end up making a purchase offline. This makes SEO (Search Engine Optimization) essential for all local businesses that want to have “online” success.

During these complicated times, the "online" world around us is rapidly changing and it’s more relevant than ever for local businesses to work on their online presence. Make it easier for your potential customers to find you online with this “SEO” (Search Engine Optimization) session from Reverb Media and get your business out there.

Having good visibility in the search engines is essential for all local businesses that want to make optimal use of the growing shift to online consumerism. This makes basic knowledge and understanding of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) a must-have business skill.

With this online session from Reverb Media, you get some practical insights into the world of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) You will receive a “SEO content handout” with tips and tricks to improve your website’s online presence.


Send in your user case!

We would love to have a couple of user cases from businesses to tackle during our session. Therefore, we need you to submit those to us! We will select a couple of them and provide some useful insights in return during this session.

In order to participate please answer two simple questions through the following google form and submit them to us. Please answer:


What will we focus on in this session:
In our holistic approach, we define the three pillars of SEO that are essential for any search engine campaign. We will discuss what they mean and how they impact your business.


In the second part of the session we will go over a couple of use cases and provide some practical tips on how to improve their search engine presence.

About Reverb Media
Reverb Media is a full service digital marketing agency delivering well thought out designs and strategies for websites, branding and SEO/ SEA campaigns. We strive for the optimal online visibility and sustainable reflection of your brand.

September 10, 2020