More and more women are feeling called to support and empower other women. But before success can find you and continue to teach or coach other women, you need to uncover and release social conditioning that keeps women more compliant, obedient, and dutiful than they need to be. It's conditioning which says hustle and push is the way to get things done, that emotions and intuition are unreliable, and which has us all unconsciously giving preference to male teachers, voices, and ways of being.

Once you've done that work you can step back into your community as a woman who understands and gives voice to all members of her community. As a woman who understands how to model a new way of leading and is able to genuinely empower other women (rather than unconsciously supporting them to perpetuate a model that will never see them thriving and free).
There is an EXPo specifically for Women launching in Rotterdam. We also offer incredible support, visibility, guidance and training with the inward to outward growth method of the Women of truth inner circle and upcoming conference to guide your way on, 30 November Startdock, see more here:

Heleniq Argyrou (M.A.) is an expert in inspiring and actualizing human potential, an innovative clinical psychologist, sound and drum therapist, corporate and group organizational trainer and facilitator. Heleniq is a ‘flow' state expert having explored the neuroscientific bounds of peak performance. She is founder for Women of Truth conferences and training in its leadership, new femininity and divine power inner circle.

Women of Truth is all about returning to the truth of the powerful legacy we carry as women. It offers opportunities to revolutionise our role and involvement in decision making, leadership and acts as a movement beyond limiting definitions of femininity. We often elevate the ‘unsung heroines' as well as the expert keynote speakers to help lead a paradigm shift in consciousness for all awakening women. Our themes are based on research and investigation with women over 23 years in over 13 countries. We centralise research, body mind integration, integrity, social impact and creativity along with a heartbased atmosphere throughout.

November 28, 2019