How to tap into all this potential that Rotterdam offers you and your family? That’s easy. You contact the Rotterdam Expat Centre. We are familiar with all requirements and procedures that come with you wanting to settle in Rotterdam. We know what questions you might have and what challenges you face. We will help you with the immigration procedure with the IND (Immigration and Naturalisation Service), we can advise you on things like taxes, housing, opening a bank account, healthcare, education and careers. Our services for expats are free, tailored to your specific needs and also include your spouse and children.

The Netherland has 11 Expat Centers, they are your one-stop-shop for help with formal government procedures and information on living in Holland. For more information please visit our info table

About Rotterdam Partners
The Rotterdam Expat Centre can help you find your way in Rotterdam and simplify your relocation. We achieve these goals by offering free, tailor- made information and services to all expats and companies employing international employees in Rotterdam.

December 12, 2019