How do you make sure that you get most out of your talent and your day? A lot of information reaches our brain even before the day has fully started. With all information in the palm of our hands, attention, and peace of mind is becoming increasingly more scarce. Take advantage of the full potential of your brain. So that you can once again spend time on the things that really matter. And become resilient to face the challenges of today. In this workshop, you will get a good insight in your own talent √°nd how you can use that in the best way for yourself √°nd your company. The workshop is organized by Better Minds at Work and TaPas City.

The ambition of Better Minds at Work: every person and organization achieve its optimal potential and wellbeing. Our team of experts (like psychologists, change experts, vitality experts) keeps employees resilient, (mentally) fit and motivated. We work for scale-ups to multinationals like PepsiCo.

TaPas city developed the TaPas questionnaire. This questionnaire not only provides insight into your behavior, such as most questionnaires but also checks whether that actually fits your talents and passion. Stress is often caused by behaving in a way that doesn’t fit your talent or passion but is expected in the role, by an organizational culture or your surroundings.

September 19, 2019