Now and then, we all get a little overwhelmed with life and all it seems to demand of us. It makes us feel like rowing boats without peddles in the middle of an endless ocean of possibilities and directions. And it sucks.

I’ve created the Vision Method to help with these situations and make sure that:
• You get clear on how it is right now. The good and the bad.
• You get as close to tangible as you can on how you would like it to be.
• You’re able to define the necessary and realistic steps to get from A to B

All to ensure that vast ocean turns back into a smooth river that neatly flows in your preferred the direction.

So, whether you’re debating the next step in your career, or if you should pivot your business, need clarity on how to finish that giant project, or even when planning your burn-out recovery, this method can help.

In this workshop, we’ll walk through the basics and get you started. At the end of the session, I’ll send you the Vision Guide that elaborately explains the method so you can continue with the details on your own.

NB Note for participants: make sure you’ve got at least 3 pieces of paper, post-its, and pens next to you.

About How It Is To Be You
I help purpose-driven leaders build balanced businesses where head and heart work together and where people and planet are as important as process and profit. I’ve got over 15+ years of experience and offer services on- and offline.

October 29, 2020