Growth Hacking - Kickstart your team using the 7 Pillars of Growth Hacking - By Rockboost

Every start-up entrepreneur, business owner, manager, director, CEO, CMO or product owner knows this pain. You want to scale the business, release a new product or simply bring more traffic to the website but things don’t seem to be moving forward as fast as expected.

Projects take ages to be released, you’re missing the right skills in the team and the focus is not really clear to everyone. What’s worse, you are not sure how to leverage data to inform your next business decision and everything seems a bit chaotic.

Growth hacking has emerged in response to this state of things that many companies are struggling with and has become an indispensable skill set for achieving rapid success on a limited budget. Now any business with a digital component has to master the tools and tactics of growth hacking to stay competitive.

During this Thursday gathering, Rutger van Stigt Thans of RockBoost will teach you how to implement 7 key elements of growth hacking in your organisation. You will learn how to create a solid foundation for smooth and sustainable growth.

In this hands-on and interactive workshop you will:

- Learn how to achieve a growth mindset across your organisation
- Learn what culture of rapid experimentation is and how to run tests to ensure fast growth
- Get tips on how to implement a new way of working that is structured and process-based (high efficiency)
- Learn how to leverage marketing data to inform all your decisions
- Get instructions on how to prioritise, implement and test them

Who is this workshop for:

This keynote is for entrepreneurs and business owners, but also very applicable for anyone who would like to get started with Growth Hacking.

You will leave with:

A clear idea on how to implement the culture of rapid experimentation right away (even in a big organization!)

About Rutger van Stigt Thans:

Full-stack Growth Hacker at RockBoost. Growth Hacking expert with 5+ years of experience working with startups, scale ups and corporate organisations. Rutger regularly gives workshops to a wide range of organisations. He helps them scale by not only advising on the strategy but doing hands-on work across all the marketing channels.

About RockBoost
RockBoost is specialised in making brands and companies grow. By transforming their playing field. With strategy, consulting and data research we focus on the most important growth pillars for transformation. In which growth hacking and digital marketing open the door for more sustainable growth. Together with our agency DotControl, we create and build experiences in the digital and real world. With growth as most prominent result. We create magic by combining our distinctive method, services and culture. We work collaboratively and in close co-creation with clients like Rabobank, Parkmobile National Geographic, Eredivisie, Talpa and DPG Media.

January 16, 2020