GroenCollect's business developer, Sophie de Gaudemont, will be presenting on the topic of Global challenges and Dutch solutions. In this session, you will get to learn more about a waste management and collection service for dense urban areas.

A discussion will be led to begin around the topic of waste and its collection, followed by a presentation of the solution offered by GroenCollect. By joining us, you will be able to think about waste, your waste, how it is collected and the issues linked to such proceedings. We will discuss a Dutch outlook over this issue and how GroenCollect with the Biohub Rotterdam work towards mono-streaming, waste separation as well as clean collection. Overall, you will discover how GroenCollect transforms what is dirty waste into clean energy to power our daily lives.

GroenCollect is a waste collection company that aims to work in a practical way towards a social and circular city. Together with sister company Stadsgas, GroenCollect ensures more employment for people with distance to the labour market, less freight traffic in the inner city and a higher percentage of reusable "waste" materials.

October 10, 2019