You are invited to be part of a brainstorm where we picture possible future scenario’s.

The entire world is challenged by a call for action: by 2030 we are supposed to have reached all 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The United Nations created these SDG’s to end poverty, protect the planet and improve the lives and prospects of everyone, everywhere. With 2020 in sight, there are only 10 years left. How will Rotterdam, the Netherlands, Europe develop in this upcoming ‘decade’ of action? This is a creative session, so bring your thinking cap!

You are invited to be part of a brainstorm where we picture possible future scenario’s. All participants choose from a number of topics that are relevant to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Why is that topic relevant for you in todays society? Can we predict developments for the upcoming years? Are you part of that development and how? For one hour, we will be a futuristic denktank where everything is possible.

This sessions is led by Milou Brockhus, playwright and theatre director. She is currently working on a science fiction play about The Netherlands of the future, funded by Performing Arts Fund NL, Ons Fonds and Productiehuis Theater Rotterdam. To be able to write this piece, she invites everyone to think along. So many questions are to be answered. What currency will we use? Did robotica actually replaced us in the job market? Does everyone own a selfdriving electric car? Do we eat labgrown meat? Does the EU still exist? How is the progress of colonizing Mars going? Did we have a 3rd world war and what weapons where used to fight it? How are our children educated? And so on… Feel free to be part of this futuristisc universe and share your thoughts!

About TC Macabre
TC MACABRE is a theatre company led by Milou Brockhus, creating work about the human condition, identity and inclusivity on the verge of theatre, performance and visual art. TC MACABRE stands for finding the beauty in what is perceived as ugly, and showing the shadows of what is considered beautiful. The work of MACABRE departs from social engagement, radical activism, philosphy and emerges into abstract imagery: live art meets a theatre of ideas. We create immersive experiences between audience and performer.

December 5, 2019