What is the science behind proper and successful goal setting ? We see why resolutions don't work and why 4 specific factors can help you reinvent yourself and boost your success in any area. They not only help you develop ‘grit' for ‚Äúperseverance and passion for long-term goals", but can also lead you to master the flow state so you can work smart not hard. Follow up with the Brain training and Growth Mindset online to harvest a new approach to challenges …no longer a puzzle to solve while but an opportunity to grow.

About Aha intelligence
"Heleniq has a unique talent in harnessing the buried talent and uniqueness in all people. Advancing performance, interpersonal relationships and emotional intelligence is her forte."
She is also a innovative thought leader with special interest in creating visibility for female leaders in Women of Truth Inner circle and conferences

January 30, 2020
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