Orange Accelerator B.V., as an innovation intermediary with a beyond-regional focus, is an overseas accelerator bridging the Middle East R&D sector to European/Global innovation clusters in order to create valuable synergies for both global and regional healthcare and life sciences ecosystems. In this break-out session, we will elaborate in more details why and how we are building a global network to roll out commercialization of R&D outcomes and supporting (to-be-) entrepreneurs bridging the innovation valley of death and mainstream markets chasm. The focal framework discussed at this session is called “From Lab to Market”. Open Innovation paradigm at a national level is the backbone of this framework and the philosophy behind our strategies and policies.

About Orange Accelerator B.V.
Orange Accelerator is an overseas innovation accelerator who has focused strategically to create a global innovation network focused on joint research and innovation-oriented collaborations in healthcare and life sciences. Orange Accelerator envisions effective and accessible healthcare solutions for everyone around the globe.

February 27, 2020