Join Daniela Guzun for an informative session of one of the most exciting conferences of this autumn: Product Up Conference. The Startup & Scale-up Conference of the Netherlands. A free and online event scheduled to take place on October 29-30!

At Product Up Conference you can learn from entrepreneurs like:
> CTO at Picnic - Daniel Gebler
> Co-Founder and CEO at Polarsteps - Koen Droste
> Head of Growth at Growth Tribe - Jean Bonnenfant
> Head of Product at Miro - Anna Boyarkina
> CEO Paazl - Jan-Willem Roest
> CEO – PR Lab – Matias Rodsevich – PR & Marketing

About Product Up Conference
We are a team of people who are passionate about bringing industry communities together and creating a valuable and worthwhile experience through our global conferences.

October 15, 2020