Do you have questions about whether to choose 1 website building platform over another (e.g., Squarespace vs WordPress, Shopify vs Woocommerce), or if people want to know about what sort of information to include on their website. Or do you want to know more about how to structure your website (in terms of information) or integrating other business software with your website (e.g. email marketing systems, for example), then Melissa is happy to have a chat!

I’m Melissa de Klerk, a website strategist for quietly determined business owners and entrepreneurs.  I’m a South African living in Germany, have run my business for 4 and a half years, and have been working in the media, communication, design and tech space for 8 years.

My approach is based on assessing the business ecosystem, and integrating a website into this.  My aim is always to learn about the business, the goals, the vision and processes, and to work the website into this.  In this way, I ensure that the website is a living business asset. Looking forward to meet you!

January 14, 2021