If you want to find your true purpose in your personal and professional life, your WHY, during this COVID-19 crisis, then you need to take a time out and ask yourself some soul searching questions and fast. This is not going to be an easy task and it will take you some time to do this. But the rewards are certainly worth it because discovering your WHY and pivoting your life accordingly, is one of the best things that you can do in life.

In this interactive workshop, we will cover a number of topics including:

- What is your why?
- How to find your WHY?
- 5 questions you have to answer to find your WHY
- How to define a strong WHY business statement?
- How to pivot your life to achieve your WHY?
- What's next?

Have a pen and paper as you will need to write down your answers during this workshop. You will receive a small free eBook in English.

About Tony de Bree Consulting
Tony de Bree is providing on-demand consulting, training & coaching services to executives, corporates, small business owners, and work councils. Helping them to survive this crisis and lead a happy and balanced life. He is a serial writer of a large number of bestselling ‘do-it-yourself' books in Dutch and a happy man after leaving the corporate world in 2011.

About Venture Café's "Reinvent Yourself"-Track
This track is part of Venture Café's summer program 2020, aimed at discovering your why and rethinking your career options to get prepared for a (post-)corona economy. This track will offer sessions that touch upon:

  • How to survive the crisis;
  • Discover your Why and stay true to yourself;
  • How to find a job during Corona
  • Mastering your mindset
  • During our monthly Talent Nights, every last Thursday of the month, we aim to connect talent to opportunities.

If you are interested to join these sessions you are most welcome! No sign up is needed, unless specified otherwise in the session of your choice.

Sessions are free of charge, since innovation should be accessible for all. Your donation is however much appreciated. This way you keep our platform alive and contribute to the innovation ecosystem directly.

August 13, 2020