Do you want to use Facebook ads to launch or scale your business? Not sure where to start? Or do you need to optimize your current strategy?

During these times we need to expand to other channels to reach our audience. Social Media already was an important platform to include in your marketing strategy, but now more than ever it’s a vital part. You might have already experimented with ads without success or maybe you haven’t even started because you’re overwhelmed by the complexity of it.

Running a Facebook campaign might be easier than you think. Facebook ads can be a very powerful tool when it comes to reaching your customers… when using the *right* strategy. There’re a lot of misconceptions when it comes to Facebook ads. Knowing how to avoid common mistakes and make optimal use of the platform is what it comes down to.

What’s the best strategy for your business? Are Facebook ads right for your business? What are the common mistakes avoid?

In this Skill School masterclass hosted by Venture Café, I‚Äôll answer these questions. I‚Äôll take you along the strategies I used to help my clients get 5-10x return on their advertising. And we‚Äôll talk about some current trends, common misconceptions and there‚Äôs time for a Q&A. After this masterclass, you will have insight into what is needed to run a successful campaign.

Bring your notebook & questions and come join us!

Fill in this 2-min questionnaire, before joining, so I can try to customize the training to your needs as much as possible:

About Sarah Getu
Sarah Getu specializes in online marketing solutions for business owners and helps them get predictable leads & scale their business with data-driven results. She consults business owners on Data-Driven Marketing using Facebook ads, sales funnels, and email marketing.

February 25, 2021