Once a month during the Talent Nights at Venture Café, Rotterdam Spouse initiative organizes a session to help you reinvent yourself and discover your talents. You are going to meet like-minded people and bounce off ideas to get inspired. The next session takes place on February 20th with the theme Healthy resources. This time guest speaker Tom Marshall will host a workshop focused on discovering your authentic self.

“We all have an authentic self, just waiting to be unleashed. During this interactive session, you will discover who you truly are at the core; exploring what energizes you and the impact you want to make. Then to actually empower you with the mindset to make this a reality, you will visualize the future you can create for yourself and the world. Finally, we will support one another in setting tangible actions to drive forward once we return home. Unleash your authentic self in your first Extraordinary Life session.”

A brief outline of the workshop is as follows:

  • Introduction
  • Personal inspirational story
  • Reflection questions
  • Visualisation and drawing exercise
  • Sharing & discussing
  • Action plan
  • Closing

Tom Marshall is an award winning speaker, life coach and consultant, specialised in future of work, personal leadership and societal impact. He believes in continuous self-development and authentic human connection as the basis for living a meaningful life. As founder of Extraordinary Life, he is creating a better world through helping others to grow and connect with each other. Across his 100+ events, audiences and venues have ranged from executives at large companies to local communities in Uganda and 5000 people at the Ahoy stadium in Rotterdam.

17.00 Welcome by Rotterdam Spouse initiative
17.05 Workshop by Tom Marshall about discovering your authentic self
18.00 Talent night #Healthy Resources at Venture Café

More info about Tom Marshall and his organization: https://www.extraordinarylife.eu/

About Rotterdam Spouse initiative
Have you moved to Rotterdam with your spouse and / or to work but you don’t have a clear idea ​​whether you are in the right place or not? How to settle in this diverse city? Is this the right career path? Can I have a dual career? If these are questions that you ask yourself often then you have come to the right place.

February 20, 2020