Participate in a futuristic role play. Experience life in two cities implementing alternative solutions to combat the effects of climate change: Diana from Venetian-style local and organic Locor meets Jane from cosmopolitic and hightech Costech.

In scene one, Jane, a girl from the high-tech cosmopolitical city Costech crashes with her self-flying drone in the local organic town Locor. An organic and vegan lifestyle is imposed on the citizens inside the well-protected borders of this Venetian-style town where streets have been turned into canals. A local girl, Diana, supported by her family, hides Jane from the authorities, who are hostile to foreigners, and takes her back home in the family’s sailing boat.

Upon arrival in Costech in scene two, Diana must follow an introductory programme and pass an exam to qualify for citizenship. The citizens of Costech are embedded in a high-tech automated system supporting a luxurious lifestyle, while preventing emissions of greenhouse gasses and pollution. Foreign trade and migration are used for the common good. The meeting between both girls stimulates them to imagine alternative solutions to climate change.

The session ends with a roundtable discussion on pros and cons of alternative solutions to make present-day Rotterdam climate resilient.

EthicSchool offers training in Responsible Innovation for Sustainability.

October 31, 2019