From Cambridge to Miami and across the pond to the Netherlands, we have supported CICers in the day to day as they develop life-saving medical treatments and build impactful technologies that seemed like science fiction just a few years before. We have been inspired as our members use their creativity to uplift their communities and leave careers behind to pursue their true passions. We have witnessed them test, pivot, course correct, and overcome the setbacks inherent to building a business from scratch.

To celebrate CIC’s 20th anniversary, we celebrate the members who got us here. Thank you. If you haven't yet experienced life as a CIC member, you are also welcome! Enter our baking contest to get your ticket to CIC's 20th Anniversary global megabash.

Get creative with your sweet or savoury go-to recipes and enter your dish in one of the three categories:
1. EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED: Chilli-chocolate or pear and blue cheese? Unusual presentations and strange combinations belong under this category
2. INTENTIONALLY INTERNATIONAL: Wanted to try out that cool foreign dish? Show off your homeland specialty? Want others to step out of their comfort zone by tasting flavours from faraway lands? This is the category for you!
3. SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONS: fair-trade, organic, vegan or otherwise Earth friendly dishes made to inspire.

Use your wildest imagination to innovate and inspire. Prizes include 3D-printed trophies from The Print Lab powered by Raise3D.

Since 1999, CIC has been home to over 6,000 companies across virtually every industry and stage of growth. And that single floor of workspace has multiplied to now encompass over one million square feet across six global campuses, with several more under development.

August 8, 2019