It is becoming increasingly clear that the world, and ownership as we know it, has to change. Our fast-growing transactional economy has resulted in overconsumption of the resources of the world.

Ownership now often belongs to the end-user of a product. This comes with the responsibility of making sure the product is resold, recycled or refurbished. Numbers show that the options for end-users to do this well, are limited, and eventually, a lot of value is diminished

Holding end-users responsible to do the right thing will be challenging, and tangible results will come too late. We believe that the responsibility and ownership should stay with the companies making the product or service and that there is huge business potential in enabling this change.

Apart from the fact that ownership can be cumbersome, there are also a lot of potential gains to be discovered in rethinking the business models of the value propositions we encounter every day.

So let's do this, let us get together to actively discover opportunity and create and share insights into this new economy.

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October 31, 2019