The COVID-19 outbreak shows that a topic that seems to be immaterial a few months ago, can be material today. The increasing transparency, growing stakeholder influence and visible changes of our planet increase the pace in which ESG topics (Environmental, Social and corporate Governance) become material.

Companies should avoid being surprised by the impact of future ESG factors and identify which topics become material for their business in the future. In this online session, we will shed light on how companies can define what material issues matter most to their organization and how this can be used to determine a company's sustainability agenda.

About Finch & Beak
Finch & Beak is a consulting agency that helps companies accelerate their performance on today’s biggest sustainability challenges. In 1997, we launched our business as a boutique consultancy that worked on bringing sustainability into the mainstream. During this 20 year period, we have serviced over 100 corporate clients throughout Europe, trained more than 5000 executives and worked with top level business schools from around the globe.

September 10, 2020
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