What is Talent?
Why is Growth Important?

"What was non-existent or outrageously luxurious yesterday is normal today. By tomorrow it will be a minimum and by the day after tomorrow it will be obsolete."
(Rik Vera)

"Disruption is the gap between the speed with which the worlds of technology, markets and customer expectation evolve, and the speed with which companies change to reflect and exploit these factors.
The greater the gap between customer expectation and the market offer, the greater the field of market tension and the easier for a disruptor to wipe out your business overnight."
(Rik Vera)

"If have the same amount of energy of an ordinary average person you will be an ordinary average person"
(Marco Robert)

"Over the last 20 years I have consulted over 200 businesses literally all over the world on 4 continents.
And there's one thing in common: they are all overwhelmed.
Business owners are overwhelmed.
You need to start thinking about how to make the business more efficient. Successful businesses focus on systems."
(Marco Roberts)

We want to see people happy with what they do.
We want to empower people to have a work that makes them fulfilled with what they do.
We want a society of people with enough time for the important things in life, whatever work they choose.

A better future starts with sharing the message, raising awareness, creating a strong community committed to have better quality time for us and for our children.
A better future starts with embracing a culture where work and life go along in harmony.
A better future starts with people who understand the need to innovate and achieve greater results.
A better future starts with YOU.

About innovAchievers
innovative Achievers.
A group of people who like to push the boundaries, innovate, and achieve top results.
Future Leaders who always go for a triple win: for the individual, for the company, and for the people around us.
Welcome to the tribe.

January 23, 2020