You’re past asking directions on the street, ordering food at a restaurant and introducing yourself at a party! You wish to have more in-depth conversations, heart-to-heart sharing, or an emotional confrontation with your Dutch friends or colleagues, but you do not quite know how to yet. Let's learn Emotional Intelligence and how to express your emotions in Dutch.

Emotional Intelligence is an essential life skill for healthy relationships with yourself and others. How to understand, express and reflect on your emotions in a new country, using the local language?

In three consecutive 90-minute workshops we are going on a journey of emotions through the body while finding the right words to express these emotions in Dutch.

15 Aug - Understanding Our Emotions
22 Aug - Connecting Our Emotions, Thoughts & Actions
29 Aug - Expressing Our Emotions & Giving Feedback Constructively

All levels, including Dutch native speakers, are welcome.

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Irene Anggreeni, PhD, MA is clinical dance therapist, embodiment coach & founder at Expat Wellbeing, where life skills learning are facilitated through creative, embodied (not just talk) and empowering experience.

Enigma Delgado, MA is the founder, owner, language trainer and instructional designer at CoBuild, where ‘Pragmatic International Professionals' (PIPs) learn to use Dutch in a fast and flexible way

August 29, 2019