In the start-up phase of a new organization, the legal structure is almost as important as the product or service that one wants to develop. A good legal structure ensures that all your assets are protected, it makes it easier for companies to collaborate with third parties. Furthermore, at a later stage a well-structured organization is able protect continuity with regard to the company, the product, service or production process and the people who are active within the organization. The big problem, however, is that creating a solid structures is often expensive, whereas in an initial phase the entrepreneur prefers to spend his money on product development and commerce.

ehvLINC runs a unique program, in which it helps start-ups get their legal and tax household in order. With the help of Master's students and law firms & tax consultancies, we help startups get their legal structure at a professional level for only a fraction of the money. Students will work for the project 8 to 12 hours per week, with startups selected for the program. The students will research the possible solutions for the legal and tax problems they encounter. Qualified lawyers from our partner firms then check and approve all the documents. With this concept, we are able to significantly reduce your legal costs and make it possible for your startup to get a proper legal support in the early stage of the venture.

ehvLINC is a non-profit organization that supports early stage startups with legal and tax advice that they normally could not afford. (eindhovenlinc.com)

October 10, 2019