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What if you could spare some change to make the world a better place? Like in the old days, when we donated our coins to a charity in a collection box at the check-out in the drugstore or in the supermarket?

Without coins and money bills in our wallets, how can we use our money change to make a difference? That's why we created Troco!

Troco allows you to donate your virtual change, simply and easily in 3 steps:

1 - Choose the causes or entities you want to donate your change to 2 - Set up a monthly cap 3 - Set up a transaction round up amount: to the € 0,10, to the € 0,50 or to € 1,00. Done!

Every payment you make, either pin or online, will be rounded up according to your set-up. You can follow up the use of your donations in the app, switch between causes or institutions, or even add extra amounts for special needs, like victims of natural disasters.

Troco wants to democratise the donation industry. We don't charge any upfront fee nor investments from Social Organisations, nor from donors. We charge a small commission from the donated amount and that's it. No annoying cold calls, no harrassing on the street, no huge upfront investments from Social Organisations. Simple, easy, fair. Join us today!

October 7, 2021