You are an ambitious entrepreneur. You are well aware of your talents and qualities and aspire to have an impact in the world. But how do you do this in practice? How do you know what choices you need to make in order to share your best work? In this hands-on workshop, transformation coach Carolien van den Akker will teach you how to connect with your inner compass so that you can make choices that are 100% you. Let’s solve inner conflict and end self-doubt so that you can confidently move forward. Cheers to you and your success!

About Carolien van den Akker
Carolien van den Akker is a transformation coach. She helps talented professionals find satisfaction in their work. She connects them with their inner compass and teaches them how to take small steps in their careers and businesses accordingly. Peace of mind, clear choices and a sense of direction are the results.

February 20, 2020