Day for Change wants to help to form a new generation of global citizens who will contribute to a fairer world through their economic actions. That is why we want to introduce children and young people to sustainable entrepreneurship and raise awareness of the importance of sustainable development.


Our main vehicle for doing this is an educational program, called ‘Day for Change Actie’, throughout the Dutch primary and secondary school system. During the program each participating school class receives a microcredit from Day for Change, with which the pupils are asked to start up small (sustainable) enterprises.

The profits the young entrepreneurs make we use to contribute to projects that promote entrepreneurship and give people the opportunity to build an independent life worldwide. We do this by providing microcredit (loans) and financial donations to (educational) projects aimed at the growth of microcredit capacity and to increase its accessibility to the local population or aimed at acquiring entrepreneurial skills for children, young people and adults.

By doing this we contribute to:

- SDG 1 No Poverty
Day for Change believes that sustainable economic development, good for all living creatures (including people) and the planet, contributes to an inclusive world without poverty with equal opportunities for all.
Day for Change wants to contribute to economic self-reliance, by developing (sustainable) entrepreneurial skills and improved access to financial services.

- SDG 4 Quality education
Through Day for Change, young people develop entrepreneurship skills and the corresponding knowledge to become economically self-reliant and to contribute to sustainable development. Day for Change thus contributes to SDG 4: equal access to quality education and the promotion of lifelong learning for everyone.

- SDG 8 Decent work and economic growth
Day for Change encourages (sustainable) entrepreneurship in the Netherlands and developing countries. Day for Change contributes in this way to SDG 8: promoting inclusive, sustainable economic growth with decent work for everyone.

- SDG 12 Responsible consumption and production
Day for Change contributes to awareness about sustainable (economic) development. As a result, Day for Change contributes to SDG 12: ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns.

Day for Change is a Dutch Foundation established in 2006.
Every year around 6000 students throughout the country participate in our education program. Last year together they earned €77000,- for the projects we support.
We are always looking for partners to help us to extend our reach and increase our impact worldwide!

October 31, 2019
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