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90% of all goods we use on a daily basis have been transported by ships. We4Sea offers solutions to remotely measure, manage and report on fuel consumption and related emissions of chartered vessels – in real-time, without investing in on-board monitoring equipment.

Using our unique, in-house developed Digital Twin concept, we have developed a radical new way of monitoring sea-going ships. Requiring no new hardware onboard, we can start to track any conventionally powered ship within 24 hours. There are no port-stops or off-hire required.

We4Sea was founded in March 2016, and combines years of experience in maritime technology with research at TNO and TU Delft. The founders of the company, started from a shared passion for ships, especially when they are efficient. We4Sea (www.we4sea.com) is, as tech-startup, part of incubator YES!Delft in Delft, the Netherlands (www.yesdelft.nl).


September 5, 2019
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