Do you also get anxious when you have to work on lead generation?

- Find the right target
- Get in touch
- Hope they'll get back to you…

It gets you tired even just thinking about it 😫

What if you could actually LOVE doing lead generation? ❤️

This is exactly what we'll get you to do in this workshop.

We will teach you a simple process to identify the right target and we will brainstorm together creative lead generation ideas.

The workshop will be interactive, so you can immediately use the lead generation ideas in your business.

Prepare your questions, bring your smile and enthusiasm to work together, and get results!

This workshop is perfect for:

- Startup founders
- Business Developers

About The BD School
We are the first educational platform for business development. We are on a mission: create the next generation of business developers and founders using the power of knowledge!

April 15, 2021