Through Float Tanks, Meditation and Self-Expression, we allow our body & mind to recharge. These three elements are the building blocks of PureSelf. You go through these elements in different stages of the experience. Starting with the Float Tank, then Meditation, and last but not least Self-Expression.

Float Tank:
Our mind & senses are constantly overstimulated, we never get to experience what it's like to experience life without sensory input.
This is where the float tank comes in.

A Float Tank is a chamber with water that contains epsom salt, because of the salt, our body starts to float. The chamber is isolated from the outside world. Our senses don't have anything to process, now our body can completely relax.

After the body is more relaxed, the mind will automatically follow. During this stage of the session we stimulate the senses with aromas, lights and sounds on different frequenties. By doing this we invite a deeper meditative state. Meditation creates mental clarity, now we can focus on the goals in our lives.

As human-beings we have the basic need to express ourselves.
During the self-expression stage we write/draw the ideas from the meditation stage. By writing/drawing we creates a clear overview of our ideas and we can plan out our next steps.

Visit PureSelf to connect to your pure self! This proven method guarantees a clearer state of mind, more focus and less stress!

About PureSelf
PureSelf's goal is to help create a stress free and successful society. By providing a unique relaxing experience, we give people their inner strength back.

January 30, 2020
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