This is a pragmatic power hour with insights and concrete handles to coach and lead your team in a new economic business climate. Practical ways for strengthening trust and resourcefulness, so that everyone can give their daily best at work.

The COVID-19 outbreak has led us into the bleakest of winters. Resistance is futile, so there is nothing left but to accept the situation and to deal with it as best we can. We've put together a number of tips on what you can do. We want to make sure you have all the tools that we believe will help you to keep yourself, your employees and your team on the right track. It has concrete both online and offline coaching tips in it, how to keep your team connected to their work and the company even in turbulent times. We provide a hands-on roadmap to apply learnings in your day-to-day role as founder, CEO or director.

Who is this for? Founders and entrepreneurs who want to stand out with their team, and build a meaningful company that matters.

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About The Playmakers
Rewriting the way companies connect with people and how they develop performance and talent. We warm up for that every day. We are an agency in the world of business consultancy, training and coaching, but on a mission. Building PlayZones, meaningful companies that make a positive impact on the world and where everyone's talent comes into its own. Join us on a mission and make an impact!

About Venture Café's Venture School
This session is part of the "Venture School"-track offered by Venture Café Rotterdam during summer 2020, where participants get to learn about key elements so they are able to build a venture in 9-weeks time. Find out more about this program here and sign up here if you plan to join the entire 9-week Venture School program. When you follow the entire track you may be offered access to mentors and a certificate of participation.
The freely accessible Venture School program starts on Thursday July 2nd and runs every Thursday until August 27th. Also have a look at Venture Café's other summer program offerings here.

Sessions are free of charge, since innovation should be accessible for all. Your donation is however much appreciated. This way you keep our platform alive and contribute to the innovation ecosystem directly.

July 23, 2020