NB This session takes place physically at our home base. It is scheduled in a meeting space outside of the Network Area, and is therefore accessible to anyone (no CoronaCheckApp needed). Please sign up so you are ensured of your spot and please de-register if you can't make it!

Through my interest, I found that there are many myths circulating around money and investments. There are many things that banks and other financial parties never tell you directly. It is often a complex matter with unfathomable structures. During my years of searching and sometimes digging deep into this financial world, I have seen all sorts of things that do not work.

Often things are said about investments that, if you know more about it, are actually not true at all! What also prompted me to investigate this further, is that banks and other financial parties often say other things than they do themselves. And then it gets interesting, because why is that?

I hope to answer these and other questions during the presentation. I think it could be a very interesting session if you want to learn how to debunk investment myths. See you soon!

October 21, 2021
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