Join this discussion to talk about Blade Made's mission, products, and think along about the possible applications of discarded rotor blades in Rotterdam and elsewhere in the world!

Blade Made designs are sustainable designs from discarded wind mill blades. Wind blades have inherent design, engineering, material, aesthetic, ergonomic and iconic properties that make them suitable as building elements. Especially for large scale outdoor furniture and elements that require durable, ergonomic, immovable, vandalism proof materials.

Blade Made products and designs for installations comprise (certified) playgrounds, urban seating, signposting, pedestrian/bike bridges, bus shelters, biodiversity solutions, sound barriers, communal areas. Blade Made designs add new social meaning to places, for instance, by combining them with (street) art.

Playgrounds are designed in such a way that they appeal to 21st century skills like interaction, inclusion, negotiation, solidarity and community building. Sound barriers combine noise reduction and aesthetic design with biodiversity and two-side functionality. Blade Made designs achieve up to 90% CO2 reduction compared to standard solutions in the same category.

March 17, 2022