Advo solutions has created a cold nano plasma technique: the aNC Plasma. This technique splits elements till molecular or atom level in all State of Matters: gas, fluids & solids and is configured in other elements. This gives a big range of possibilities. The technique is simple & energy efficient.

Advo Solutions has invented a way to reduce the energy required for plasma induction even further.

αNC PLASMA cleans gasses, fluids and solids. It is 100% circular, which saves our natural resources. Some interesting applications:

  • Turn CO2 in the air into new materials, like Graphene which is seen as the construction material of the future.
  • From water (H2O) and air (78% N) ammonia gas (NH3) as replacement of natural gas. The exhaust is just water vapor, 100% emission free.

During this session you can learn more about the technique and its applications. They are also looking for a 30k investment and someone to manage the business… join if you think there might be a fit!

April 7, 2022