Please note that this session is hybrid. Zoltan will be dialing in as he is not based in NL. You can either join the session from a meeting space at Venture Café with other visitors, or you can join from your home or office by tuning into the session via our website (Zoom will be used, you can log in via this page).

The Power of Focus: Choose your love AND love your choice

We all dream of achieving something great: to build a successful business or career, or to take on a personal challenge. Yet so few of us turn these dreams into reality. What separates those of us who do from those who don’t?

The answer lies in the “power of focus.”

In his keynote, Zoltan Vardy explains that to achieve your dreams you must “choose your love & love your choice.”

Tapping into his 30-year global career as an executive, entrepreneur, investor and advisor, Zoltan uses stories from his business career to support his argument, and takes a closer look at how focus has determined the path of some of the world’s greatest business people.

He also shares a process the audience can use to identify where they should focus their limited time, energy, and resources to achieve their desired outcome.

March 31, 2022