Join us for another monthly session of SecTalks Holland!


As always the sessions are open to all, technical or not technical background, beginner or experienced – to share thoughts, ask questions and perhaps some stories from your experience in the information security related topics areas discussed.


On a monthly basis, during the last Thursday of each month, this is a cyber security break out, continuing the SecTalk Holland’s series of gatherings at Venture Café, as part of the global SecTalks.org initiative!


Earlier this year, we touched on different topics like Quantum Security, OSINT, Hacking Tools, Infosec Career Paths among others; this month we continue with a session on the Modern Threat Landscape for the financial world. This affects us all both at individual and (a lot of us) at business level. All banking, fintech, or any product with payment related, both fiat and crypto or any other form of payments are some examples. Guest speaker, Ariela, from FoxIT (with some fellow foxers joining as well), will help us look a bit more on fraud related and other financial landscape threats – looking among other things at mobile malware, and the way these are delivered (phishing/spearphishing, smishing, vishing…) and exploited. As always it’s an open conversation session so anyone can join, share thoughts, ask questions and we all learn together and from each other.


As per the event series, join this break out session for guest experts’ views and thoughts on a couple of infosec related topics, knowledge sharing and from time to time a short Capture The Flag competition! In a digital, all connected world, information security matters immensely! Part of the monthly catch up is walkthroughs of the CTF from the previous session – when these take place: winners from the last session of the CTF will guide us through how they solved the challenges! Do the same, and claim your CTF prizes as past winners have done (courtesy of Base Cyber Security).


See you there & more info here!


SecTalks is a non-profit session for technical security talks, and hands-on security challenges! A forum to learn & discuss technical (in)security stuff.

November 24, 2022