Today join this in-person session hosted by Tony de Bree to get inspired and brainstorm about purpose driven entrepreneurship in current time. Tony will touch upon the following subjects:

  • What is The New Normal?
  • What is 'purpose driven' really?
  • How to find YOUR real purpose?
  • Purpose driven lifestyle & minimalism.
  • What is 'purpose driven entrepreneurship'?
  • How to become a successful purpose driven entrepreneur?
  • Tony's personal tips on successful purpose driven entrepreneurship in The New Normal

About Tony de Bree

My purpose is to help entrepreneurs, managers & employees to survive the Covid-10 pandemic by providing them the tools to help themselves and start, grow and scale online in a sustainable way using ICT. 

Including personal tips on ‘pivoting your life’, personally and professionally, hybrid working, hybrid learning, hybrid living and minimalism in The New Normal Economy. 

And that includes achieving a better work-life balance as I experienced myself 10 years ago when I left my fixed-job at a large global bank.

November 11, 2021