“I’ve never done it before, so I think I can do it!” Pippi Longstocking

How do you pivot your career? Join this interview with Martine Meijburg who went from running a digital marketing agency (SecondDegree) to starting a flexible co-working space in Little C in Rotterdam: The Sandbox.

Her message is: if you went down a career path, it doesn’t have to be the path for the rest of your life. Be flexible! Think about the skills you already have, and the ones you need to make a move. 


Talking about flexibility: Martine is also curious to hear your feedback about the concept of The Sandbox. The Sandbox offers a work-meet-learn space at Little C without subscriptions (e.g. pay per minute, per (half) day) or a punch card to get access to workspace). Do you also believe the future is flexible? Would this model suit you? And how would you ideally manage your work week?

Join this interview & provide your feedback!

March 9, 2023