Great you’re joining our Pitch Workshop!

Sometimes the only thing between you and success is a great pitch. If you can’t communicate the value of what you do, in very little time, you’ll miss out on a lot of opportunities.

How do you get your story clear, confident and professional—all within the set time? We will give you practical and actionable tools: not just theory, but rather learning by doing.

Some of the topics during our 1-hour session:

  • The Handshake Pitch: how to present yourself short and sharp in 25 seconds;
  • The importance of Audience and Objective
  • How to open the pitch powerfully—and why
  • The Power of Three - making the complex understandable and memorable
  • How to close your pitch.

Afterwards, there’s a 30-minute Office Hours you can sign up to, so you get to pose your questions 1:1 to Sheila.

Join this real life workshop hosted by Sheila Schenkel of Best 3 Minutes! Stick around for further practicing and networking afterwards at Venture Café's networking area (reserving a spot to this break out or the office hours will automatically allow you into the networking area).

August 12, 2021