Do you recognize it: you like to make impact but don’t know how to do it? Or with whom. Or where to start? That’s where “Rotterdamse Uitdaging” comes in. As foundation to make matches between societal needs and entrepreneurs/organisations we add social value.


How does it work? We connect entrepreneurs or employers from organizations to demands from society. The demands are shown on our marketplace and translated in to projects. Such as the laptop challenge. Where we create a circular chain for amortized ICT devices from companies to people who are in need of eg laptops.


What themes is it about? Poverty, health and loneliness.


What can I do? Join the matchmaking group, fulfill one of the matches, help us with funding or all of this 🙂


In this Venture Café session I will:

  • explain the relation between SDG’s (sustainable development goals) and your personal actions
  • show how you can make social impact.
  • tell anything you like to know about social impact and the Rotterdamse uitdaging – answer your questions
  • love to connect with you!


More info: www.rotterdamseuitdaging.nl (in Dutch only!)

March 24, 2022