You have a million things to work on when getting your business up and running. There are finances to sort, processes to implement, staff to hire, software, product/service developments, client onboarding… so much to do! Your list of ‘to-dos’ will get added to every day and may not feel like it will get any shorter.


But fear not! If you are feeling a little overwhelmed, are not sure whether you are working optimally to get your business moving forward, or even progressing with your business but want to be reassured that you’re going about it in a logical way then this is a great webinar to get your thoughts in order.


This webinar, presented by Julie & Louisa from Blue Ninja Business Support, will cover key areas of business that you need to be thinking about when you first start out. They will talk though some ideas as you get up and running, some suggestions to help you build your business identity and some examples of how they got Blue Ninja up and running. Julie & Louisa are familiar with setting up a business, having gone through the process themselves 3 years ago in The Netherlands and previously in the UK.


Blue Ninja supports others to grow and streamline business operations. The ladies will happily answer questions you may have on your own business planning and operational development during the webinar to help you prioritise and establish your own groundwork to make the process even more manageable and workable for you.

November 11, 2021