How do you maintain your energy, life quality, and time freedom while growing in profit, market share & valuation? 

This is the question we recently asked 100 entrepreneurs with teams from 14 countries. And the results don’t lie. The high-performers manage to thrive in all life areas while the underperformers are suffering and sacrificing themselves for the sake of business.

In this practical workshop, you will: learn the 12 principles & habits of these high-performing entrepreneurs do a reality check on your current personal & business performance in order to improve. 

The session is only for entrepreneurs and business owners who are open to transforming their way of working.

This workshop is led by Lennart van der Ziel. Previously he was a founding team member of Venture Café and founder of Travis – the original creator of the pocket translator & Dutch Startup of the Year 2018. Lennart experienced the entrepreneurial rollercoaster the hard way and became a high-performance specialist after his start-up adventure – helping other entrepreneurs to thrive in business & life.

June 23, 2022