In 2019, just 3 months after we started the company, we ran out of money. The fun part is that we did not have a large team. It was just two co-founders. How two cofounders can run out of cash? Well, that is possible when there is no cash in the first place. In 2022, we did $1M in ARR with 32 staff members. But today, we are just 6. The Kotrina of entrepreneurship hit again, and this time it hit hard.


As much as it is inspiring to read Techcrunch articles about this raising $30M, that raising $50M, it is a hidden reality that being a founder and an entrepreneur is not really as sexy as it sounds. It is when you have raised a really good amount of money but for a short period of time.


The session “Fail Forward: The Unavoidable Hardships of Entrepreneurship” is designed to prepare entrepreneurs for the inevitable setbacks and challenges they will face on their journey as we did and continue doing. It is a motivational and insightful session that provides a candid view of the realities of entrepreneurship.


Attendees will learn practical strategies to help them embrace failure as an opportunity for growth and develop resilience in the face of adversity. From 3Ps, problem to product to profit, they will gain a better understanding of the common challenges that entrepreneurs face and learn how to effectively navigate them. The session will delve into strategies for dealing with difficult customers, investor rejections, market challenges, and other obstacles.


Session is hosted by Seymur Rasulov, CEO of Whelp.

May 4, 2023