Join Hossam Afifi, the author of  “Nomad Entrepreneur: SECRETS OF LIVING A BORDERLESS LIFE — How to Succeed in Doing Business Overseas,” for an eye-opening session that will reshape how you view entrepreneurship and a global lifestyle.

This session is not just about international business; it’s about people, connections, and the transformative knowledge gained from personal experiences.

Why You Should Attend:

People-Centric Approach: Learn why doing business overseas is not just about market research and financial planning but fundamentally about understanding and connecting with people.
Real Knowledge from Real Experiences: Discover the invaluable lessons Hossam has gained from years of personal experience in doing business overseas — lessons that you won’t find in textbooks or online courses.
Path to a Borderless Life: Understand how a nomadic entrepreneurial lifestyle can be your ticket to living a truly borderless life, rich in experiences and opportunities.

Who Should Attend:

Aspiring entrepreneurs looking to expand their businesses internationally.
Individuals interested in living a nomadic lifestyle while maintaining a successful career.
Professionals looking to diversify their skill sets and expand their cultural awareness.

September 14, 2023