According to the International Energy Agency (IEA) energy outlook, Heating is the world’s largest energy end use, accounting for almost half of global final energy consumption. Industrial processes are responsible for 53% of the final energy consumed for heat, while another 44% is used in buildings for space and water heating and, to a lesser extent, cooking. The remainder is used in agriculture, primarily for greenhouse heating. The heating sector is largely dominated by fossil fuels, with renewable energy sources meeting less than one-quarter of global heat demand in 2021 (and the traditional use of biomass makes up half this amount).


The presentation will be divided into two sessions to inform you about the solar technologies available to generate heat and/or power.


Session I (Feb 2nd)

The first session will focus on the use of solar thermal for district heating where the speaker will go through the basic principle of solar thermal technologies, providing examples of typical applications in Europe, such as Aalborg CSP – Denmark’s solar district heating plant.


Session II (Feb 9th)

The second session will focus on large scale concentrated solar plants to sell Power or distribute heat to a variety of industrial applications, like, water desalination, food processing, chemical production, and cement production.


During the session, the presenter will provide examples of large scale concentrated solar power plants located in UAE and Morocco.

February 9, 2023