Our concept is simple: connecting local people to local refugees, or as we like to say, newcomers. We match buddies on the basis of equality and shared interests. Our mission is working on a world in which people can differ from each other as much as possible and at the same time be connected as much as possible.


For four months buddies spend one hour a week connecting or joining the many activities we organize to enhance that connection. In this session we will introduce our organization and share stories from within our community.


Five times a year we launch such a matching round where buddies are paired based on shared interests. These pathways and our events are completely free of charge for all participants. Our organization has already won several awards, such as the ‘Appeltje van Oranje’ and the ‘Brouwer Vertrouwensprijs’. Over the years we matched around 7.000 people throughout The Netherlands.


Buddy to Buddy is active in 14 cities throughout The Netherlands and after two succesful pilots last autumn we launched our local Buddy to Buddy organisation in Rotterdam. This means we are looking for collaborations and partnerships with local organizations.


Curious? Come join our session, talk with us and join the community!

January 26, 2023