Due to ageing population and burden of chronic illnesses, the healthcare system is facing many challenges. Together with other parties, Amgen wants to ensure that our health care system is future proof.

That is why we strive for identifying high-risk patients, preventing worsening of the disease and measuring outcomes. Ideally, in the future all parties in healthcare will be paid for the results of the total treatment, focused on improving patient outcomes. This will result in efficiencies and optimal use of resources, including medicines in healthcare. We believe that biotech industry can and should be one of the partners shaping the future health care system.

About Amgen BV
Amgen is one of the world's leading biotechnology companies, developing a pipeline of medicines with breakaway potential. With a presence in approximately 100 countries and around 21,000 employees, we served millions of patients worldwide. Our activities in the Netherlands include an European distribution center and a marketing, sales and R&D organization ensuring the availability of our products to Dutch patients. Amgen selected the Netherlands because of the favorable labor climate, its excellent infrastructure and the proximity of major international carriers.

We are committed to a new system of outcome based healthcare in which all parties are paid for the outcome of the total treatment.
Product and Services:
* Innovative biotech medicines
* Value solutions; advice to optimize care pathways and support on the development and implementation of outcome sets
* (Home) care programs
* Innovative health concepts such as patient apps and eHealth solutions

December 12, 2019