Gain clarity, build confidence and thrive with energy

We can’t control life but we can control the way we respond to these events.

As entrepreneurs and creatives, our businesses require us to show-up every day, fresh, energized and with a clear vision of where we're headed. But then life happens and we experience events that make us feel frustrated, angry and scared. We doubt ourselves and our businesses.

In this 90min masterclass, you will learn the what, how and why by learning about the 6 fundamentals in becoming unstoppable and to help you master your mind so you can navigate through life and business without suffering.

We will address Self, Brain, Emotions, Awareness, Community and Consistency. All 6 fundamentals will be explained what they represent, why they are important on your journey and how you can train them so they start working for you!

This workshop is for anyone:
who is looking to upscale their game but doesn’t know-how
who feels overwhelmed and wants to learn how to gain balance again
who is curious to learn how the brain and mind work together and what we can do to stay in control
who wants to learn how to become unstoppable

What People Will Learn*:
You will learn the what, how and why of the 6 fundamentals
You will be given practical tools and exercises per module to support you on your journeys in becoming unstoppable.
Understanding the dynamics of the 6 fundamentals will impact clarity, confidence and energy level … instantly!
At the end of the class, you will feel inspired, have insights and practical tools to help you on your way …

Did you know that …
… 20% of our total energy is consumed by our brain? This is why learning new behaviors are so challenging. But fear not, I have tons of brain hacks to help you in navigating your brain to your benefit.
… 70% of our brain is under our control? There are three laws applicable that will support you in managing your brain to your benefit. During the masterclass, you will learn what those laws are and how they can work for you. Training your brain will become easy and playful and help you hit those milestones that might terrify you now.

…. 80% of what we do is driven from a subconscious level? During the masterclass, you will learn tricks to outsmart your brain so you can take back control and thrive with energy

… your emotions are your biggest asset? And that your emotions never lie? In this masterclass, you will learn about the origins of emotions and by understanding their dynamics you will build confidence so you can become unstoppable.

Ines Gaston-Echeverria is a clinical psychologist coaching the brave and unconventional. Born and raised in Belgium, Spanish-Algerian roots and living location independent since 2014.
Ines has two masters of science. One in clinical psychology and one in organizational psychology. After graduating she moved into corporate where she has been part of global HR teams for about 10 years. Companies she has worked with our: Accenture, E-bay, Brunel and Rabobank.

In 2014 Ines left corporate involuntarily as she came down with a massive burn-out. This event had such a profound effect on her that she has spent 18 months looking for answers as she was desperate to understand the what, how and why. Her journey led her back to her roots in clinical psychology where she emerged in neuroscience, epigenetics, and neuroplasticity to better understand where she took a wrong turn, what we can do to get out of this sticky situation and how we can protect ourselves from it happening again.

Her personal journey has inspired her to develop a program for entrepreneurs and creatives where she shares her knowledge and expertise to protect entrepreneurs and creatives from overwhelm and exhaustion while they are building their dream reality and empires that are changing the world.

Today she is traveling the world, sharing her expertise through speaking gigs, facilitating entrepreneurial bootcamps, managing off sites for start-ups that are upscaling. Besides working 1on1, Ines facilitates Masterminds for founders and is the in-house mentor for Rockstart.com, NESST, and Cofoundersretreat.com.

August 29, 2019
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